Introducing the New pPanel & Pofii Platform Update!

September 19, 20230

As always, we’re thrilled to keep you updated about the advancements at Pofii. We’re proud to announce not only the first stable version of our in-house web control panel, pPanel, but also significant updates to the Pofii platform itself. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect:

A quick view of new platform features:

  1. Bug Fixes: Thanks to your invaluable feedback, we’ve addressed and rectified all reported bugs. This includes issues related to permissions, SSL generation, and interface glitches.
  2. A Fresh Look: The pPanel has undergone a complete redesign, now showcasing the standard Pofii white-black theme. This not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but, more importantly, focuses on improving its accessibility and user flow.
  3. Enhanced API Integration: Our Pofii platform has received a significant update. The Pofii – pPanel API now seamlessly supports over 11 pivotal web hosting features directly from the client area. This heightened integration is just the beginning, and we’re working tirelessly to expand it further.
  4. Reseller-Friendly: A shoutout to our reseller community! The new pPanel API enables streamlined management of multiple features directly from your billing platform. For detailed guidance, feel free to download the documentation available in the Pofii Client Area.
  5. One-Click Features: Making web hosting a breeze, you can now execute essential tasks directly from Pofii. This includes, but is not limited to, WordPress installations, one-click SSL certifications, staging, backups, and email creation.
  6. Seamless Access: While we’ve integrated numerous features on Pofii, in-depth tooling for your website remains accessible with a single click sign-in to pPanel.
  7. Stability: With this stable version, we aim to deliver a seamless experience, free of unforeseen hiccups. Your active participation has been instrumental in this journey, and we’re deeply appreciative of it.

For those interested in the nitty-gritty, a detailed change log is available under version pPanel v1.1.0.0 STABLE within pPanel.

Your trust and feedback are the winds beneath our wings. Here’s to smoother web hosting and many more innovations to come!

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